REBIRTH: From Ashes to a New Life
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Ipsa ab illo inventore veritatis et quasi architecto beatae vitae dicta sunt explicabo. Ab illo inventore veritatis et quasi architecto.
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A life does not count how many days, months, years we managed to pass by but how many days we were awakened while we lived.


Are you sad, depressed, frustrated, angry, suffering from PTSD or simply feeling emotionally burnt, dead but still managing to survive?


Are you looking for a new life?


A new birth is possible here.


I remember a story where an old man was asked his age. He told he was six years old. The person asking him got angry saying that he was asking him a serious question. The old person said, he was giving a serious answer too, 6 years earlier he got enlightenment, started enjoying life and that’s why he is 6 years old. Before that, his life didn’t count.


How old are you truthfully?


So, how can we awaken and enjoy our lives deeply? Is meditation the answer?



An important concept to understand is the need to self-love and nourish before beginning or talking anything about meditation and awareness.


True meditative mind is possible only when the body is well nourished, loved and well taken care of.


Imagine a hungry person. Do you think he or she can meditate and be blissful?


No, first his basic needs of food, shelter, sex, love and belonging need to be met, then he can enjoy beauty of the universe and the inner bliss.

So, let’s start with self-love and nurturing part that forms the root core of a happy individual. We might think that it is so easy, and I have it. However, in this sophiscated, high tech world where we live, where the need to look good in society is more desired than our basic human needs, we are left unnourished at the root core of our being. This makes us vulnerable to further problems.

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